Art Projects

Healing is a process that all victims must go through. One of the ways that some victims heal is through art. The art displayed on this site are pieces that some of our victims have put together during their healing process.

Our artwork is copyrighted and you must have written expressed permission to use.  Contact us for more information.

Pieces of Our Journey

“Pieces of Our Journey” is the title of a project that began by tearing paper bags into odd shapes, drawing on these pieces, and putting them together to create a picture that represents the journey traveled by different victims served by Women In Need.

Here is what two survivors wrote about one of the pieces:

“This piece began as paper bags ripped into odd shapes and crumbled. What began as individual pieces of artwork ended up to be a complete picture. It says ‘We each have a piece and all of our pieces fit together into one picture.’ This picture is an example of how all of our experiences can fit together to help one another.”

  • Paperbag Project 4
  • Paperbag Project 3
  • Paperbag Project 2
  • Paperbag Project 1