Women In Need provides help and safety options to all victims of domestic and sexual violence in Franklin and Fulton Counties of Pennsylvania. Any person who has been the victim of or has been affected by violence is eligible for services, regardless of when the trauma occurred in their lives. Information and services are offered by WIN to empower and educate victims and their families about violence and how to break the devastating cycle. All services provided by WIN are free and confidential.

24-Hour Hotline
WIN’s Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained WIN Staff and Volunteers are available to talk about safety options, services needed, or emergency shelter. They also provide information and referral to other community programs. No matter the time of day, someone is available to listen and offer options and empowerment.

Emergency Shelter
When domestic violence occurs in the home, victims may no longer feel safe. WIN’s emergency 24 hour shelter offers a safe place for victims of domestic violence and their children. Our shelter provides a short term, safe place to stay where clients can talk to trained counselors or legal advocates and work on goal plans that will assist them in living violence free lives.

Individual Counseling
Trained counselors offer individual counseling sessions at Women In Need offices in both Franklin and Fulton Counties. Individual counseling sessions can also be scheduled at various designated safe community locations, and phone counseling is offered if transportation is an issue. WIN counselors are trained to work with ALL victims of both sexual and domestic violence, as well as friends or family members of the victim who have been affected by the trauma. If for any reason, the counseling needs of a client cannot be met, WIN counselors will assist with the process of finding appropriate community support.

Support Groups

Support Group counseling is offered to anyone who has been the victim of domestic or sexual violence, or, has been affected by the victimization of a friend or family member. Each support group is facilitated by a Women In Need Counselor. WIN’s support Groups offer a “safe space” for group members to share feelings and empower one another. Group topics vary based on the needs of the clients and the types of trauma they have experienced. Current groups being offered at WIN explore topics on: domestic violence recovery, healthy boundaries and communication, strengthening the parental bond, recovery after sexual assault, healing through art, healthy life changes, grief and loss, and financial empowerment.

Support Groups run throughout the year at Women In Need Offices or at designated safe community locations.

Legal Advocacy

Women In Need provides advocacy and accompaniment through the civil and criminal court system. Legal Advocates assist victims of abuse in completing the steps necessary to obtain a Protection From Abuse order (PFA). Legal advocates also work with victims to schedule appointments with WIN’s attorneys and advocate for them throughout the PFA process. In criminal proceedings, legal advocates assist victims by explaining court proceedings and informing them about the progress of their case, as well as providing accompaniment to the Police Department and/or District Attorney’s Office.


Prevention Education

The goal of Women In Need's Prevention Education Department is to raise awareness and increase knowledge about the issues of violence that affect our communities and our society as a whole. WIN's Prevention Educators offer training and programs to people of all ages. Educational topics range from general presentations on healthy relationships and conflict resolution, to presentations that are specific to issues, such as domestic violence, dating violence, and sexual violence. All programs are created to engage the audience in the subject matter in an age-appropriate way. Prevention Education programs can be designed to meet the specific needs of the group and are conducted with professionalism and social awareness. All of the Prevention Education programs that WIN provides are free of charge and can be presented at various community locations.


Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

The Franklin and Fulton County SART is a collaborative effort between healthcare providers, Women In Need, law enforcement, and prosecutors. The SART is a multi-disciplinary team working together to provide prompt, skilled, and compassionate care to victims of sexual violence at local emergency rooms. A specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, or SANE, and a Women In Need advocate are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist victims who have been sexually assaulted. This program serves men, women, and teens ages 13 and up.


Victim Witness

The Victim Witness Office works in collaboration with the District Attorney’s Office to provide accompaniment to court proceedings in order to answer questions, provide support, and keep victims and their families updated on the progress of their case through the court system.  In addition, Victim Advocates can assist victims in seeking state compensation for injuries and loss of wages suffered as the result of victimization by utilizing the Victims Compensation Assistance Program. This program offers compensation to victims for expenses related to their victimization such as medical expenses, counseling, lost work earnings, loss of support, funeral expenses, travel expenses, childcare, stolen cash, relocation, crime scene clean-up and other expenses. The forms needed and the guidelines for meeting the requirements of this program can be explained by the Victim Advocates.


Fulton County Office

Women In Need provides a full range of services at our Fulton County Office, located in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania.  If you need assistance from our Fulton County Office, please call 717.485.5840 or call our 24-Hour Hotline at 800.621.6660.