Is this your first time participating in Walk a Mile or do you want to get more involved? This page is to answer some of our frequently asked questions about the event.

What is Walk a Mile in Her Shoes?

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is the International Men’s March Against Rape and Sexual Violence. It was started in 2001 by one man who wanted to help raise awareness about gender-based violence. It has grown to be a symbol for men’s support in the movement to end sexual violence which can impact anyone.

This is Women In Need’s 9th year hosting the event. The event helps us to raise awareness about how sexual violence impacts our community. It also helps us raise money to continue providing important services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in Franklin and Fulton counties for free.

Last year, WIN helped almost 400 victims of sexual violence and their family members, including accompanying 39 victims at the hospital during forensic rape exams.

Is it a full mile?

The walk is not quite a full mile. The walk begins at King Street, goes down through the square to Washington Street and then back.

What if it rains?

The event is rain or shine! In the case of rain, be sure to bring your umbrella. (They also make great canes!)

What if I can’t wear heels?

We understand that not everyone is able to wear the heels, but you can still participate! Register as a Supporter to walk in your own shoes!

Can women participate?

Yes! While the symbol of walking in someone else’s shoes by wearing the red heels is only for men, women can still walk and help raise money!

Women can register as a Supporter (or Student if under the age of 18), which includes a Walk a Mile t-shirt. We also encourage women to wear red sneakers or flats to keep with the theme.

Can participants dress up?

Yes, as long as it is respectful. In the past, men have worn their favorite fancy socks, tights, and even tutus to show team spirit. However, men are discouraged from wearing dresses or other drag that may seem disrespectful to the LGBT+ community and WIN maintains the right to ask participants to change. Remember, Walk a Mile is meant to be a symbol of walking in someone else’s shoes.

How do I raise money?

There are many ways to raise money, all of which goes directly to supporting victims of domestic and sexual violence in Franklin and Fulton counties. Collect cash and checks and bring them with you to the event. Or you can create a fundraising profile by clicking here and raise money online!

Have other questions? Email us at preventioned@winservices.org.