Support Groups

What are Support Groups?

WIN’s support groups offer a “safe space” for group members to share feelings and empower one another. Group topics vary based on the needs of the clients and the types of trauma they have experienced.

Support Group counseling is offered to anyone who has been the victim of domestic or sexual violence, or has been affected by the victimization of a friend or family member. Each support group is facilitated by a Women In Need Counselor.

Current groups being offered at WIN explore topics on:

  • Domestic Violence Recovery
  • Healthy Boundaries and Communication
  • Strengthening the Parental Bond
  • Recovery After Sexual Assault
  • Healing Through Art
  • Healthy Life Changes
  • Grief and Loss
  • Financial Empowerment

Support groups run throughout the year at Women In Need offices or at designated safe community locations.

All of our groups are closed to protect participants. If you are interested in joining any of our groups, please call us at 717-264-4444. Or you can use the form below and a counselor will follow-up with you.

WIN does not provide Batterer’s Intervention Groups. To learn more about AMEND, the local group for violent and abusive men, please call 717.480.0489 or email